Now with Automated Lead Sheets






GreatExplorer is the hub of GreatAccounts and has been designed to give Firms better control over their ledgers and documents. It serves as a central point of navigation for all ledgers and files, easily navigating to client information in the customisable Ledger Directory.

The main features of GreatExplorer are:

  • Effectively manage your client ledgers and documents
  • Access information from a central point
  • Set up your preferred folder hierarchy
  • Check-In/Check-Out functionality
  • Track ledger status and history
  • Easy backup and restore of data
  • Group-based menu level security
  • Create and manage your own templates
  • Version control and auto-update of ledgers
  • Quick-launch buttons for application modules

With GreatExplorer you can effectively manage and control your client folders, ledgers and documents. Your folder structure can be designed according to your preferred view, which will allow you to easily browse and navigate to your targeted files.

All client information is stored in one central place, and financial data is also retained indefinitely – eliminating any possible duplication or incorrect versions of your data, as there is now only one version for a single client. This simplifies the life of accountants a great deal, as multiple versions of one ledger or document often cause a lot of confusion, and increase the risk of your work being overwritten.

Version control is exercised over all your template and client ledgers, which will eliminate any inconsistencies in your ledgers.

All GreatAccounts Modules – GreatLedger, GreatFinancials and GreatAssets – can be opened with the Quick-Launch buttons in the menu panel, or by simply double-clicking on a ledger.