Assets can now be managed with ease – get rid of that excel spreadsheet, and start saving some time.

The features of GreatAssets are the following:

  • Fixed Assets are managed with ease
  • Integrate seamlessly into the GreatLedger
  • Create and maintain your assets and asset groups
  • Calculate depreciation according to predefined rates
  • Sell, Part-sell, and Un-sell assets
  • Transfer and Revaluation of assets
  • Capitalisation of expenses
  • Generate a Fixed Asset Register
  • Link to suppliers, financers, locations etc.



GreatAssets integrates directly into GreatLedger and complies with IFRS Accounting Standards. The Accounting and Tax values of the assets are calculated according to the predefined rates set up in the system.

At any point in time your asset register will show all the physical assets that you own, and give a true and accurate reflection of what they are worth. Any assets that go missing in action can also be traced effectively.

Multiple notes can also be linked to assets, to give more information about the history of an asset. Your asset reports can be printed, or exported to Excel, Word of PDF.

GreatAssets will allow you to gain more efficiency in your business and streamline the maintenance of your assets. What’s more is that your records will now comply with the latest accounting standards and company legislation.