More Than Just Financials






GreatSoft is a leading software company specialising in Practice Management and Financial Management systems. The company has been producing proficient software since 1987. GreatSoft’s team has always specialised in the development and implementation of profit improvement systems for high performance firms within Africa. In 2000 this portfolio extended into the Financial Reporting side. In 2010 the first set of IFRS for SMEs Financial Statements Templates were produced, which sparked off the growth of the product, as from 2012, GreatAccounts now operates as its own division in the company.

GreatSoft’s management team has over 40 years’ experience in implementing solutions for time-based professionals like Accountants and Auditors.  Employing more than 50 professional consultants with the skills and experience to service company needs, its team operates out of 3 main offices -  2 main offices located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and a satellite office in Durban.